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What are the Q Codes?

They are simple a method to increase the power of doing a code while decreasing the time required to do that code. They are for people looking to enhance their healing code experience and results.

Where did they come from?

From the very start of The Healing Codes we have had healings reported from all over the world from almost any problem you can think of. But I had a few clients who were not yet getting the breakthrough results they had hoped for.

I started praying for a solution for them. I prayed for months, and one day while praying in my back yard by the creek, the answer came – and The Q Codes were born.”

Why should I care about the Q Codes?

I have been traveling around the world as a result of the success of my book The Healing Code.  We have been blessed to have it translated into over 27 languages and it has been published in 29+ countries with more coming on board every month.

In the last two years I have appeared in many venues in Europe and South America working with thousands of people to heal their most pressing problems using the Healing Code/Codes.

In every single city people asked me questions, but the single most asked question was “if I could do just one more thing to make by healing experience with the Healing Codes more effective, what would it be?”

My answer was consistently the same:  “use the Q Codes.”

At that point I needed to explain myself since it was obvious no one had heard of them, even though we have had them as a product for several years.

I asked them all a question:  “if you could clean your house or drive to your next vacation with a greater degree of effectiveness in less than half of the time – would you be interested to find out about it?”  A huge roar of YES sounded in the halls of the venue.

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